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The Cutest Pink Shorts You’ve Ever Seen

Are these not the freakin cutest pink shorts you've ever seen?! I spotted them on an instagram advertisement thing that randomly comes up on the feed now, and I guess I see why Instagram started doing that, because I totally bought the shorts right away. Literally was scrolling through my feed in bed before going to sleep and bought the damn shorts from my phone lol. I'm a total impulsive buyer. ... View the Post

Los Angeles based fashion blogger, professional dancer, and jeweler. I've dyed my hair pretty much every color you can think of, and blonde has been the one to stick with me the longest. I bring my own Tapatio bottle to restaurants (did you know I''m 1/2 Mexican?) Sometimes I think I was born to be a barista. Also, if everything could always be delivered to my apartment, that would great.

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