10 Skincare Products You’ve Seen All Over Social Media: Worth The Hype?

Oct 24


Omg guys. I've had this video shot for like over 2 months, but could NOT get myself to finish editing it! lol. Clearly, it's a long one, and I was getting so bored having to edit it, (like, I really hate editing YouTube videos...) that I put it off for a while. BUT, here it is, finally. I give my honest opinion on all of these products, and they are not ALL positive. (You all know I'm always keeping it real lol.)

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  1. Ceara says:

    You should check out Youth To The People’s products. I recently got their Face Wash, Serum, Eye Cream, and their Hydrate and Glow Dream Mask- which is the same as the first where you sleep with it on and wash it off in the morning. My skin can be pretty sensitive and so far I’m loving their stuff.


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