7 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night

May 15

7 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Summer Friday's | Kopari Face Oil | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue
5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



1. Soy Face Cleanser by Fresh

After I take all of my makeup off, I wash my face and neck with the Soy Face Cleanser just to be sure it's all off, and to get that sticky/oily feel off of my face from makeup wipes. One of my favorite things about products by fresh is the fact that they all literally smell fresh and leave your skin feeling freshly clean. lol. (I've been using this for almost 4 years now!)

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



2. Summer Friday's Jet Lag Mask

When I first started using this, I wasn't sure how I felt about it, because I was figuring out what method worked best for me. The reason I say method is because there are a few different suggestions on how to use this. You can use it as a 15 minute mask by putting a thick layer on, letting it soak in, and then washing it off... You can do a thin layer, and wash it off after 15 minutes or so, you you can put it all over your face and sleep with it on. I like to put a normal layer of this on all over my face before bed, and wash my face when I wake up in the morning. My face looks smooth and refreshed every morning when I use this, and I've loved it so much, that it's what I use every single night! (Unless I'm doing my face tanning serum with my other moisturizer.)

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Kopari save face oil | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



3. Kopari "Save Face" Oil

Hands down one of my newest favorite products. I've been using this for almost 5 months now, and I was obsessed after my very first use. I was never one to like any type of face oil, but THIS? Ugh. I love everything about it. It smells amazing (coconut,) and I swear it looks like my skin is glowing when I use it. Just recently, I mentioned on instagram how face oil is technically supposed to go on AFTER moisturizer, which I found out through Sophie Elkus's Instagram when she attended a class by Tata Harper. Here's what Sophie shared on her story: "Oils by definition are not hydrating - it's a misconception. They are great for delivering vitamins, nutrients, & anti-aging, but they do not moisturize. You need to trap water I'm the skin with moisturizer first, then an oil can help lock it in and retain moisture. Oil can penetrate anything, but other things cannot penetrate oil, due to the size of the molecules." So I now put this on AFTER I apply my Summer Friday's moisturizer. I use like one drop for each side of my face and rub it in thoroughly.

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Kopari save face oil | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



4. Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist by Herbivore

I have seen this countless times on Instagram, and I finally convinced myself to get it. I honestly didn't think I was going to like it, but really wanted to try it. I got this spray 2 weeks ago and I LOVE it. I do about 4 sprays on my face/neck and it's so refreshing!

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



5. Aquaphor lip repair

Keep those lips hydrated over night! I'm sure you all know what aquaphor is and I know it's not some cute brand, but this stuff saved my lips + I trust all of the ingredients in it. So if you read my previous version of this post before I updated it, I was all about the Agave Lip mask by Bite... Until my crazy reaction where it completely dried out my lips and I had bumps all over them! (Had tons of you DM me when I talked about this on IG saying you experienced the same!) When that happened, Cody went to Walgreens and picked up some Aquaphor for me, and it brought my lips back to hydrated LIFE after a week of constant application. I had never really been that into aquaphor in the past, but now it is with me at ALL TIMES and I can't go to sleep without it. I tried to get into Balm Dot Com by Glossier, but I saw signs of the SAME type of reaction I was getting with the agave lip mask, PLUS after just a few minutes, it like builds up on your lips, and you have to keep wiping off chunks. It's kinds gross.. So, Aquaphor it is! Also number 1 recommended by dermatologists.

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Kopari Body Milk | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



6. Kopari Coconut Body Milk

I have to moisturize everywhere, lol. NOT just the face! I'm just such a huge fan of coconut, and Kopari products, after trying their "Save Face" oil, that I had to get this as my arm and leg lotion. I hate the feeling of being dry, so after my face is all lathered up with the products above, I moisturize my arms and legs with this body milk.

5 Skin Care Products I Use Every Night | Skin Care | Aesop Hand Balm | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue



7. Resurrection Aromatique Hand Balm by Aesop.

Ever since I became a jeweler and started running our companies instagram page, I started becoming more self conscious about my hands after countless mean comments about my nails, cuticles, dry skin, etc. (You do not have to show your face or body on social media to receive mean comments, lol.) Now I'm all about keeping my hands moisturized!

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