8 NEW Favorite Amazon Purchases

May 23

8 FAVORITE AMAZON PURCHASES/FINDS | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue

Soap Dispensers  /  Deer Humidifier  /  Nose Hair Trimmer  /  Artificial Plant  /  Laundry Basket  /  Light Is The New Black  /  Marble Bathroom Tray  /  Travel Case

I recently did a post on my 12 favorite Amazon purchases, but since I like to shop on Amazon on a daily basis, I have a NEW list for you all today. I'll probably be doing this frequently, because I have a SERIOUS shopping issue on Amazon. It's seriously my favorite place to shop online... for literally EVERYTHING. Oh, did I tell you guys you can now shop my Amazon storefront? I have it linked in my navigation bar for future reference when you're not on this post, but in the mean time, you can shop that here.

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  1. Lisa Autumn says:

    Oh I need the dispensers!

    x Lisa | lisaautumn.com


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