A Thing For Stripes

Sep 23

Striped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.comStriped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.comStriped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.comStriped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.comStriped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.comStriped Baby Doll Dress | StyledbyBlondie.com
A little dance life update: So a few months ago, I shared how I was booked as a dancer for a music video and how that whole week we had rehearsals and then we were shooting the week after. It was going to be this huge 22 minute music video with multiple artists, that I literally could not believe I booked and I was soooo, so excited for it, as was everyone else. We finished rehearsals on a Friday and then Saturday morning, we all received an email saying shooting had to be post-poned because the production company they had ended up backing out. I thought, ok, so we’ll shoot in a few weeks. Not exactly lol. It’s been two months since then, but we still were paid for rehearsals, (which was like the best pay check I have ever gotten,) and last week, we were told that they are (hopefully) in the final stages of getting their new production team together. So I am praying it ends up coming together!
Regardless though, that week of rehearsals was one of the best weeks ever for me. For so long, I dreamed of having rehearsals for something like that, with dancers who were all passionate about the same thing. And getting paid to do something you absolutely love is seriously the coolest thing ever. I have done multiple things as a dancer for free, just because I like to do it, or because I just wanted to put something new on my resume… and even with this, I would have done it for free if I had to.
On the bright side though, shortly after that, I ended up booking 2 episodes for a show on the Dance Network! I film the first one in November, and then the second one in December, so I’m hoping that at least ends up going through! haha.

Dress: ANGL (cheaper here)   //   Shoes: c/o Windsor   //   Cardigan: Nordstrom   //   Bag: Banana Republic (similar)   //   Necklace: ANGL

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  1. Annessa @ Seeking Sunshine says:

    Beautiful look! I’m loving the neutrals with the little pop of color on your bag. So cozy, but so chic!


  2. Candice says:

    That dress is so pretty!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Margarita Maslova says:

    So stylish dress! Thanks for inspiration! Beautiful and fancy look!

    Welcome in my blog Ritalifestyle ¦ Instagram @m_margaritka

  4. Bianca says:

    As long as you were having fun dancing and having a good time (& of course getting payed for that) its okay I think. Thats all that matter. Having fun and being happy. :)

    By the way: I looove your outfit! Stripes look really good on you! And I especially love dresses with stripes. My favorites are in blue – white. But black is also nice! So this one you’re wearing is just simply perfect for fall! :D



  5. Amelia says:

    I love that romper! I want to be at the beach! http://www.parajumperpjs.com

  6. Barbara says:

    Gotta love the Summer, right?! :) Great romper, you look stunning no matter what you wear! http://www.handbagsnewshow.com

  7. Camille says:

    Wow, you look stunning in your black jumpsuit! http://www.chichandbagstyle.com

  8. Denise says:

    you are such a bombshell!!! love it! http://www.fashionewsstyle.com

  9. Elma says:

    Gorgeous romper, perfect for the beach http://www.handbagnewshow.com

  10. Gail says:

    Such an amazing romper on you!
    You look stunning! http://www.designerhandbagstyle.com

  11. Hermosa says:

    What a pretty romper! Love your sunglasses too. http://www.chicbagstyle.com

  12. Linda says:

    Beautiful as always, Borka..I love your photos from the beach http://www.parajumperus.com

  13. Catherine Kung says:

    GIRL those shoes are everything!!! Love all of this! you are gorgeous!


  14. Sabina B says:

    love the dress and the shoes, great look!


  15. Jalisa says:

    Hailey, you look gorgeous! I love the dress and the necklace you paired with it, which really brings out your eyes!

    That is so awesome that you were able to book all of those performances, I’m hoping along with you that everything goes through! Wishing you nothing but the best and cheers to many more opportunities to come!

    Have a wonderful day, beauty!



  16. kelsey bang says:

    I love those fringe heels! looking stunning!


  17. jenessa says:

    you are flawless my dear!!!


  18. Kimberley says:

    I cannot stop wearing stripes! These are great!

    Eleventh & Sixteenth

  19. Anita says:

    Such a lovely look!
    You’re so pretty :-)

  20. Baia Ali says:

    Beautiful outfit!
    ✖ ✖

  21. Nicolette says:

    Those fringe heels are to die for! I have a dress similar, so thank you for a little inspiration when playing it up.

    Nicolette | The Magnolia Girls

  22. Maria says:

    Congrats, Hayley! That is such awesome news about your dance opportunities. Sure is taking a long time for that music video to wrap up.You look great in the little striped dress and those shoes are adorable with it!I got the same necklace and it’s super versatile, I wear it with many different things.Good luck with the Dance Network assignments, I know you will be fabulous!!

  23. CHIC ADVENTURE IT! says:

    Love every single piece on this outfit!
    Thanks for lovely comment on my blog ♥


  24. Sarah-Beth says:

    Hayley you’re absolutely stunning!! Congratulations on booking those jobs!! That is such an incredible accomplishment, I hope the music video ends up working out for you!



  25. Angela Kezar says:

    This outfit is amazing! I love the dress with the sweater! And congratulations on your dancing, what a big step! Hope all is well

    xo Angela


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