All Of Your Questions Answered About My Hair Extensions

Nov 28

I get pretty frequent questions about my extensions through instagram DM's, and they're usually a few of the same questions that most people have, so I finally put together a little YouTube video to answer them all. It has taken me quite a while to get this video edited, PER USUAL.

I recorded this around the time I had pink put into my hair, and one of the ways I kept up with it was with PINK shampoo. The company that makes the pink shampoo has it for 9 other colors, too, so I'll link those below, along with some sulfate free shampoo. You don't even have to leave it in for more than 30 seconds... It grabs SO quickly and it's super easy.

Now, since you have to use sulfate free shampoo while you have the extensions in, the purple shampoo that I use that is sulfate free is by Pravana, and the regular sulfate free shampoo that I use is EverPure by L'Oréal. Even during the time that I didn't have extensions in, I still used sulfate free shampoo. I love it so much more than regular shampoo with sulfate!
Anyway, hope you find the video helpful!

Moral of the story, I LOVE MY EXTENSIONS.

Extensions: c/o Great Lengths  |  Purple Shampoo: Pravana  |  Pink Shampoo: Viral

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  1. Aimie Vormittag says:

    How much does it cost for what you get? I know it would be different for everyone depending on what kind of extensions you get but I have no idea what they cost. Just looking for estimated prices from other people.
    thank you!


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