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Oct 1

Plaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | Plaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | Plaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | Plaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | Plaid Bodycon Dress by AX Paris | AXparis10
Happy first day of October! October is my birthday month, so it obviously has to be my favorite month, right? I will be 24 on Saturday and it’s still crazy to think about how fast time has flown by me. I swear I was 17 like last year. Cody got my gift a little early (yesterday,) which I will be sharing tomorrow! A little hint, tomorrow will be a decor post… Even though I just did one about 2 weeks ago about my apartment re-decor haha. It’s quite a change, I will say that!
Today’s outfit is definitely very Christmasy, even though we still have some time until then. I’ll probably even end up wearing this dress on Christmas Eve, actually, because it’s seriously perfect for it! As I mentioned yesterday, it has been so hot here, and transitioning into fall-like outfit posts has been awful! haha. Of course I like getting to change it up and wearing the long sleeves, layers, and all, but boy is it miserable to shoot in! Not only for me, but Cody, too! Each time we finish a look, I’m just like “GET ME OUT OF THIS, I’M SUFFOCATING” lol.

Dress: c/o AX Paris  //   Shoes: Forever 21 (old)

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  1. candice says:

    Love the checkered pattern on your dress

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Duchess of Fashion says:

    Gorgeous dress! Perfect for autumn!

  3. Valentina says:

    loving this outfit! you look great!!

  4. Nicolette says:

    Yes yes yes I am loving all things plaid, especially dresses, for this fall! Happy (early) birthday!

    Nicolette | The Magnolia Girls

  5. Eye See Euphoria says:

    Amazing outfit. Each aspect was perfectly picked. Thanks for sharing.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  6. Audrey says:

    this dress looks perfect on you

  7. Beverly says:

    Stunning! This is an absolutely gorgeous dress on you

  8. Daisy says:

    What a killer dress! I love the length and the pattern. Your shoes are stellar, too

  9. Katherine says:

    Delightfully beautiful, the look is adorable and refreshing to a little Summer being brought back just for a little bit more … :) Simply stunning!

  10. Prudence says:

    You look perfect in that dress. I love the colors and the print and how you wear it with that playful bag and those amazing heels

  11. Shybiker says:

    This dress is amazingly beautiful… but let’s be candid. Its geometric print emphasizes the wearer’s curves: i.e., it looks FABULOUS on you and would look awful on the rest of us. Alas… Happy Birthday!

  12. Kierra says:

    I love this dress, Hayley! You’re making me so excited for Christmas!

  13. Vanessa @ Living in Steil says:

    I am swooning over plaid for fall, and this dress is no exception! It’s so versatile and definitely a great look for Christmas Eve with tights.

    Happy birthday month!

  14. Kerry says:

    You are rocking this dress, girl! I am the same way it is still 100 degrees in AZ and I could not even think about wearing long sleeves yet. I do miss sweater and boot weather.

  15. Maria says:

    OMG, Hayley, this is perfection for the holidays. The color and the cut of the dress is fabulous.But I tell you what, I could never pull it off, it hugs the body so closely. But you can wear it with your dancer’s toned body and look really good.What’s the nail polish? I love the deep red color! Even though I can’t wear the dress, I could do my nails, LOL.

    • Hayley Larue says:

      You are the nicest person ever, Maria! Thank you so much! I get the gel polish on my nails, so it’s a color from one of the choices they have in a palette, but can’t remember the name for the life of me! lol. But I do remember seeing it and liking it because it was almost a berry color (in person.) :)

  16. Carine says:

    What a great outfit, absolutely love the AX Paris dress!
    Fashion Soup

  17. Nina says:

    Wow, your hair colour is killin’ it! And the whole autumn outfit also!
    Lots of love,

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