The Ballerina Bun Tutorial

Dec 11

I got a few requests to do a video tutorial on my ballerina bun a while back, so that’s what today’s tutorial is about. It’s super easy to do and literally takes less than two minutes. I used to use the hair donut, or do a sock bun, but I always found it so annoying to use those because it would weigh my bun down, and I never had thick enough hair to cover the sock or donut. lol. So the main trick to mine is that you just have to tease your ponytail, and it makes the biggest difference. Hope you guys like the Christmas music I used for the video!
Video Tutorial: Ballerina Bun (w/o having to use a hair donut or sock bun!)Video Tutorial: The Ballerina Bun

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  1. Such a pretty bun!!

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  2. Mariya M. says:

    Super! Love that bun! Thank you for sharing and the tutorial!



  3. I love those kinds of buns :) your hair is such a lovely colour too :)
    Lucy x

  4. Laura says:

    Perfect bun!! I wish my hair was long enough to style it like this. So chic!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      I’ve contemplated cutting my hair short again so many times, but I just can’t go without these buns! haha

  5. rebeccajane says:

    I love that you didn’t use a donut and its still so perfect.

  6. camrynstahlmand says:

    All about the bun! Thx girl!


  7. Valerie says:

    That bun looks amazing!

  8. Mel says:

    I love the bun style it can be worn with so many looks gorgeous share!

  9. Best and easier bun tutorial I’ve seen so far, you did a great job and I am looking forward to try this!

    Reflection of Sanity | Smashbox Giveaway

  10. Pru Yeo says:

    Such an elegant bun hairstyle, love it! Thanks for sharing!


  11. Alessandra says:

    I love this bun, I would like to try to make it!

  12. Erica says:

    Love this! Thanks for the video, it’s a beautiful hairstyle! xx



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