Best Of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

Jul 21

The Best of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is officially accessible to everyone!! Last week during early access, there were so many things I didn't catch until after I had already made my post, so these are all of my favorite things from the sale during early access, now that I've actually had a chance to see EVERYTHING. There were a few things I had in my shopping cart in my account thatI told myself "ok, let me sleep on it, and then I'll buy it tomorrow..." Yeah, screwed myself there because those things I did that for, SOLD OUT!! Nordstrom does keep restocking the popular items, but they keep going SO quick... Like the pink Nike's. I've seen those restock 3 different times, and each time I'd go to buy them, they'd sell out in my size like literally in the blink of an eye. lol. Below, I listed my purchases, and what I will purchase once restocked!







1. Cozychic Hooded Cardigan in Cocoa
Sale: $75.90
After Sale: $ 114

2. The Bright Eye Illuminating Device
Sale: $86
After Sale: $ 129

3. Milo Loafers in Pink
Sale: $52.90
After Sale: $75.95

4. Halogen Cold Shoulder Sweater
in Black & in Burgundy 
Sale: $49
After Sale: $69


1. The Pink Nike's!
Sale: $89.90
After Sale: $120

2. The Blush Blouse
Sale: $27.90
After Sale: $42

3. Grey V-Neck Pullover
Sale: $24.90
After Sale: $39

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  1. Courtney says:

    So many goodies! Thanks for sharing your top picks!
    Courtney ||

  2. Jessi Malay says:

    My favorite time of the year babe! Love your picks!!

    XO, Jessi

  3. Hannah says:

    Love those pink loafers. I am so tempted to grab them. I am trying to behave myself, but the sale is so good!

  4. Pam says:

    Love everything! Definitely need those loafers♥

  5. Marissa says:

    Love all your picks! I always get so overwhelmed by the clothes on sale that I totally forget to look at the home stuff, but I’m obsessed with that Chanel print!


  6. Kris says:

    I love love love your picks! Your blog is awesome!

    Have a lovely day!
    xx Kris

  7. Dealman says:

    Your all sale are super amazing! I never used to like nike sport shoes before but now, I’m really into them and on the hunt for the perfect pair. xx

  8. sophia says:

    They had some really great deals <3

    xoxo, All about Best Wallets 2017


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