Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair

Apr 20

I am loving this head piece from GCG Clothing! I know the normal way, or I guess more popular way, is to wear it over your hair, but I loved how it looked when I tried it underneath. It kind of reminds me of a Brigitte Bardot inspired look. In the beginning when I was taking these photos, I had the wrap over my hair, the normal way, but I think my hair is too think for that. This way, I think it makes my hair look SO much fuller than it really is.
And now let’s talk about RocksBox. Some of you may have heard about RocksBox, but if not, here is a little recap: Each month, you are sent a box with 3 pieces of jewelry, if at the end of the month, you want to keep one of the pieces, or all of them, you can purchase them, if you don’t want them, you send it back. So if you love jewelry, you can sign up and use code,  HAYLEYBFF42!

Headwrap: GCG Clothing | Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair | Black Romper| Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair | StyledByBlondie.comHeadwrap: GCG Clothing | Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair | StyledByBlondie.comRocksBox | Use code HAYLEYBFF42 to Sign Up! | Headwrap: GCG Clothing | Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair | StyledByBlondie.comHeadwrap: GCG Clothing | Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair | StyledByBlondie.comBlack Romper| Brigitte Bardot Inspired Hair |
Romper: Similar here & here
Headband: ? GCG Clothing
Jewelry: ? Rocksbox
Bag: Forever 21 (similar)

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  1. celyn says:

    nic eoutfit! I really love your head pice!


  2. Maria says:

    Oh my gosh! So perfect and you do remind me of Brigitte Bardot.Of course only a lady with perfect, delicate features can draw attention to her face with this piece. You pull it off effortlessly! You romper is so much fun and I love how you styled the colors of your accessories.

  3. Diana says:

    Love your hair!!
    || D I A N A ||

  4. Edita says:

    Oh how fabulous – and God created women :) Very Bardot!

  5. Beautiful hair and that headband looks great on you!

  6. GCGCLOTHING says:

    To say that we LOVE the way you styled our Miami Vice Headwrap is an understatement! Too gorgeous for words<3 Thank you for the post!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      Thank you so much!! So happy you liked it! <3 And thank YOU for providing the beautiful headpiece!

  7. Oda Knutson says:

    We brunettes just naturally have thicker hair. And you really should have your roots done. Love the jewelry and your over all sense of style. Very good photos as well.

  8. Giha says:

    Love the highlight you didi with the head band. Very chic!


  9. Pam says:

    That headband is so cute! It look so different on you but I love it :)
    Nice post!


  10. Angel says:

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