Canon EOS Rebel T3i Graduation Gift!

Mar 30

I have officially received my diploma! After three months of impatient waiting, it was made official. Not only was it a big thing for me to gradute, but for my parents as well, so they took Cody and I out to dinner last night. Towards the end, while we were waiting for desert, my dad went to the bathroom, and came back with a huge gift. Something I was not expecting! The box was huge and I had no idea what it was. Which isn’t normal for me, because I tend to ruin every surprise that anybody plans for me by somehow finding out. haha. It was a Canon EOS Rebel T3i!!!!! Don’t know if you guys remember, but I had mentioned I wanted one not too long ago in this post! Technically, I had been wanting to get one for 3 years now, but there was a point where I got over it. Then once I started blogging, I hopped back on the train and was like “Omg I want a camera.” So when I was opening the wrapping paper, my mom asked me what I thought it was, and I said, “The only thing I can think of that I’ve wanted was a camera, but it definitely wouldn’t come in this big box if it was, so I’m confused.” And sure enough, it was the camera!

I’m obsessed! Can’t wait to post better quality photos for my OOTD posts!

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  1. Cintia Soto says:

    wow!! congrats !! what a gift. who take you pictures?


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