Coco To My Chanel

Oct 10

As I announced yesterday, I will be switching to my own self-hosted WordPress blog, and it will all be ready by next week. Again, everything will still be right here, it just won’t be a blogger blog anymore. If you missed my reasoning, or if you have had the same thoughts about switching, read about it HERE! Now for today’s outfit, I just had to add in my Chanel perfume, because the shirt practically demanded it. For years, I would walk by the Chanel perfumes at the mall, smell a few, hate them, but at the same time would wish I loved them because I loved the bottles. I always thought they smelled like an old lady/a grandma, which Chanel No. 5 still does… But I finally decided to actually spray the one named Coco Mademoiselle (aka the prettiest bottle) on my arm, and it made a huge difference. I kept smelling it once I got home, and decided I loved it, so Cody got it for me as an early birthday gift!

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