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May 26

The dress I am wearing here today isn’t a dress I would typically wear, but it was fun to try out a new look! I was actually kind of scared to try this out because of how different it was from my style, but I went with it anyway and liked it. Also, I didn’t give any updates yesterday on our time in Texas, but it’s our third day here, and I am not good to adjusting to new time zones! haha. I missed two of my shows because I forgot about the time difference. lol. Today we are headed down to the Riverwalk, and then tomorrow we’re off to Austin, which I am excited about! (And don’t worry, I am not wearing this outfit here to go walk around for hours. We took these photos over a week ago.) 
White High Low Dress | Styledbyblondie.comWhite High Low Dress | Styledbyblondie.com White High Low Dress | Styledbyblondie.comWhite High Low Dress | Styledbyblondie.com
Dress: Triple Thread
Shoes: Steve Madden

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  1. Candice says:

    Wow that dress looks amazing


  2. This is so classy, we love it! Are you a Paris lover? Come and meet us at Living Paris

  3. Diana says:

    Beautiful photos!

    || D I A N A ||

  4. Lara Sophia says:

    Great high-low dress. I love that this dress can easily go from office to evening by simply switching up some accessories!
    xo, http://chicandsequined.com/

  5. Liz Lizo says:

    Wow that dress is absolutely lovely!

    – Liz

  6. Maria says:

    Lovely summer look! It’s very different from your usual style, Hayley, but I do like it. It would be great for summer party, formal party or even a wedding in different color.I love how you make those bracelets part of your outfit. I only have the pineapple and my initial,M,but I need to get some more. I bought the Rebecca Minkoff bag today!!! Thanks to you, I went straight to Nordstrom’s and knew exactly what I wanted. Love your blog!!!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      The pineapple one is next on my list!! It’s by far one of my favorites because I have had such an obsession with pineapple decor lately! haha. Ah! SO excited you got your Rebecca Minkoff bag! I bet it’s a beauty! Thanks for your continuous support, Maria! <3

  7. Monika says:

    This dress is a must-have! Looks perfect on you!
    Carpet cleaners Chiswick

  8. Kim says:

    What a beautiful dress, perfectly styled and your hairstyle looks lovely!



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