Essentials For The Perfect Self-Care Day At Home

May 17

Self Care Essentials | Home | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue

I get back to my apartment, wash my face and neck, and fill my water bottle up again. Then I put on my newest favorite face mask before I sit in the bath and relax. The Coconut Detox Mask by Kopari is SO good. I leave this on for about 20 minutes while sitting in the bath, ( I looooove baths, in case you all weren't aware.)  I do scroll through instagram while I'm in the bath drinking my water. This is like.. the only time I actually get to enjoy instagram and see what people are posting, because all other times, I'm looking at it from a business standpoint, and I rarely scroll, lol.

After the 20 minutes, I wash the mask off, put my robe back on, and I do my "I Woke Up Like This" skincare routine that I usually don't do until night time, but on days like this, I also do it earl on in the day. The only thing I do differently, is I use the new Glow Recipe Watermelon Face Mist at the end, (instead of the face mist by Herbivore.) It makes me feel SO refreshed! Then it's off to the living room. I'll turn on my little diffuser, fan my face with my face fan for the skin care products to settle in, and scroll through Amazon for fun. Like instagram, I'm usually on my computer going through emails, editing, writing, etc, so getting to shop on the computer is a way for me to relax  lol. I'll also turn on the tv and either watch the Investigation Discovery channel (crime docs 24/7) or watch a documentary on Netflix. Oh, and I continue drinking my water!

Self Care Essentials | Home | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue

I've been all about self-care these days. I like having time to myself with zero distractions, doing things for ME. There are so many days where I feel like if I am not doing something pertaining to work, then I'm being lazy. Which is absolutely NOT the case. You are allowed to unwind! Take an hour or two away from your phone and computer and give yourself a break.I used to get antsy when I'd try this... like I'd continue looking at the clock, counting down to when I'd be able to open my computer again and work on ANYTHING. The hustle bug is REAL. Now, I like giving myself a break, because we really all owe it to ourselves.

Here's What I Do

Pick up my morning Starbucks:
Hot Tall White Mocha
2 Pumps White Mocha
2 Pumps Cinnamon Dolce
No Foam - Cinnamon Dolce Sprinkles
Come home and get into my robe
Pour my Starbucks into a coffee cup and enjoy it
Roll my face with my Jade Roller.

Once I finish my coffee and have some time to myself, I throw on some workout clothes and a hat, and go to the gym at my apartment with my motivational water bottle. (I swear I drink more water because of it.) I start off by power walking on the treadmill (hate to run, so power walk it is,) with a good playlist for 1.5 miles or so. Then I do arms, abs, and legs, and I'm done. I also make sure that I finish my entire bottle of water during the workout before I let myself leave the gym. So I'll basically keep working out until my water bottle is empty.

Self Care Essentials | Home | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue

Now, it's pretty impossible to go an entire day without doing ANY work, so, yes, after I at least give myself the time I need, it's back to business mode. But once it's time for me to head to bed, I do my "I Woke Up Like This" skincare routine again, and listen to a meditation app to fall asleep. I've been utilizing meditation for a little over a year now, and I HIGHLY recommend it. There are tons out in the app store, and tons that I've tried, but my absolute favorite is NOT Headspace... it's called Relax Melodies. It has truly change my sleeping game (aside from my new mattress lol.) You can create your own background noise/music/melody, as you meditate. This has taught me breathing methods that I've been able to apply through out the day when I'm feeling stressed. Once quote from one of the meditations I've done on the app said something along the lines of... we often go through out an entire day without taking a few deep breaths, when it's something that can help relieve a bit of anxiety and make you feel better... As most know, I am a jeweler at Happy Jewelers, and with our Instagram being really popular, and word of mouth due to the celerities we work with... our store is EXTREMELY busy and we work in a tiny little space... with 6-8 people in this space at a time. My anxiety sky-rockets so much while I'm at work, and I often do need to step outside just to get some fresh air, and literally take some deep breaths. I just love the breathing techniques this app has taught me, and I cannot go to sleep without it! It's the perfect way to end the day and go to sleep with a positive and relaxed mindset.

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  1. Lisa Autumn says:

    I really want one of those face rollers!

    x Lisa |

  2. Stacie says:

    I drink coffee & use my jade roller every morning and it is the BEST combo to start my morning. It makes me feel centered and ready to take on the day. Love this post!! I’ll have to try your coffee, sounds delish!

    Xx, Stacie

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  5. Shauna Crymble says:

    This is how I pamper myself at home! Thanks!
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  6. Aidan Brogan says:

    “Self-love takes strength and self-care takes effort”! Yes, good things take time!
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