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Plaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat | StyledByBlondie.comPlaid Dress | Camel Coat |
This weekend, I finished my last day of shooting for the new series “Steady Mobbin” for The Dance Network! I briefly talked about it last week, but to quickly re-cap, I was booked for two episodes: 7 & 10. We filmed episode 7 a few weeks ago, and episode 10 on Saturday.

When I got home that night, I started thinking to myself about where I was last year… Last year at this time, I was dropped by my dance agency (my old one now,) and I was devastated. I had just moved into an apartment that was down the street from their office building and I got an email the day after I moved in, with the subject line: “Representation: Hayley Larue.” Without even opening it, I knew exactly what it was. I cried after I read the email and thought that was my sign that I needed to just give it up and get and office job like everyone else. I always feared being dropped by them because they were such a big agency. But because they were so big, I felt so honored to have been chosen by them… So when I did get signed by them, I thought this was it. I was set, and I would start booking dance jobs left and right. Little did I know, they would not be the right fit for me. They very rarely sent me out on auditions, and when they would, it would be something where literally every dancer was sent out on it, so it was nothing special. I would hear my friends talk about auditions from other weeks, where it would be for all short blondes with a gymnastics background, and I would be like “WHAT?! How did I not get called out on that?! That is literally me!” I always knew they weren’t a good fit for me, but I didn’t have the guts to end my contract with them because I felt it was an honor to be represented by one of the biggest dance agencies.

Anyway, for two months, I was without an agent and went on no auditions, and the only thing I could think about was what auditions I was missing out on. I hated not being in the “know,” being that I live in LA… Then one night, I had a dream. (lol.) I was on stage as a backup dancer for an artist and when I woke up, I knew that getting dropped wasn’t my sign to move on, it was a sign that I needed to move on from that particular agency because they weren’t helping me grow. My gut feeling had always been right, but I was too scared to follow it, so being dropped is what needed to happen, otherwise, I know I would STILL be with them if it wasn’t for that!

In January (2015), I saw that the agency I was thinking about auditioning for was holding auditions at the end of the month. I told myself I was going to get signed with them, without a doubt…..I auditioned, and received a call 3 days later. And you guys, it was the biggest blessing in disguise having to start over and find new representation. My new agency has gone above and beyond to keep me busy, and I had booked more jobs within a 3 month span with them than I had in the two years I was with my old agency… I didn’t anticipate this post to be so long, but I just had to share! There truly is nothing in the world like being able to do what you love as your job. So I hope this inspires some of you to keep going, and as cheesy and cliche as this is… when a door closes, know that an even better door is waiting for you to open it!

Coat: c/o SheIn   |   Dress: c/o AX Paris   |   Shoes: Forever 21   |   Necklace: c/o Alta Chic

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  1. Judy says:

    Looks like a wonderful time dear I like the photos

  2. Lillian says:

    I love this outfit! This fall

  3. Candice says:

    Love the coat its such a great cover up for cold days

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  4. Kathryn says:

    It really does mean everything to do what you love for your career. So happy for you! Plus this festive dress is amazing :)

    xx Kathryn

  5. Shybiker says:

    I’m sooo happy for you, Hayley! The change in representation is very good for you. In business, we often believe bigger is better but that’s not true: an agency more suited to your particular needs will do a better job for you.

    The analogy is apt for me — my law practice is at a high level but I deliberately keep my firm small and focus on a select number of good clients. Those who go to large firms complain they get overlooked and don’t receive the service they assumed they’d get there. My clients never complain and our relationships are mutually-beneficial. Good luck in 2016!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      Thank you so, so much! This is definitely something I know anyone can apply to their work life, no matter what field it is. I’m glad to know that you feel the same, even in law! The over looking aspect is so true. I’m happy for you as well, that you are at a firm that you feel you are growing at, and at one that cares about you!! :)

  6. jenessa says:

    that is so awesome! That is seriously the hardest thing to endure, when it feels like you have lost it all and to keep your hope alive for something great to come out of it! Happy things are working out! and you like gorgeous!

  7. Maria says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Hayley! This is so great, congratulations and I just know you’ll be amazing in all productions you do.And remember, you didn’t get there just because your looks or dancing, you are beautiful on the inside, too. So happy for you!!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      Thank YOU, Maria! You are always so uplifting, and I truly appreciate it! Thank you for your continuous support in not
      only my dance life, but in my blog as well! <3

  8. Kate says:

    I’m obsessed with your plaid dress! It’s perfect for the holidays!

  9. Pam says:

    What a lovely dress!
    I’m really glad you found an agency that gets you so well and so many auditions lol good luck Hayley! xo

  10. Raj says:

    Great look, lovely colours on you
    But mostly; Congratulations! You should be so proud that you didn’t give up on your dream and fought for what you wanted, what an inspirational story!

    What Raj Wants

  11. Elizabeth says:

    What an inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing. I know it isn’t always easy. Very happy for you! Love ur outfit:-)

  12. Amy says:

    Your experience looks amazing, loved your outfits and images!

  13. Elva says:

    Fabulous pictures!Your style is amazing, you look incredible!

  14. Gail says:

    Dear you’re really beautiful here,love the outfit!

  15. Helen says:

    very nice, casual and comfort but super style.

  16. Bella says:

    I love this look, you look so comfortable

  17. Nancy says:

    Such lovely dresses, thanks for sharing your favorites :) Have a beautiful day!

  18. Marina says:

    Love this clear, polished outfit, so classic and faminine. You look amazing as always, Aimee!
    Have a nice time!

  19. Rebecca says:

    Loving the cut-out trend recently, especially on this skirt! Looking Good!

  20. Ellese says:

    Ah! This post gave me chills! It is so true, what looks like defeat is sometimes such a blessing in disguise. Your gut instinct is always right! Congrats on all your success and hard work. Most of all, congrats on not giving up! It is scary to go for dreams, but it is so worth it. Thanks for sharing this inspirational post!! I admire you. Xo, Ellese


  21. Isabell says:

    What an amazing experience! Congratulations!! :-)
    I have to tell you.. this look is really chic, I like it.
    Have a great day!


  22. Claire says:

    The coat is perfect! And love your hair, great match with your outfit <3

    Claire |

  23. Nina says:

    Love your coat, So Beautiful!!

    Lynda |

  24. StylNova says:

    You are beautiful! I adore the trendy! Congrats on the new agency sign!

  25. Monique Chante' says:

    You are absolutely breath taking! congrats on the new agency. Thanks for the inspiring words.

    Monique Chante’
    “The Blonde Historian”


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