Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project for Dancers


Most of my friends don’t follow the Instagram account on Instagram, but I always have. This past Friday, Instagram posted their hashtag project for the weekend, and it was for dancers! I immediately tagged a friend of mine, Christian Florin, who is an awesome photographer, saying we should do it. So we teamed up yesterday for the project, and got some of the coolest shots around downtown LA.

The shot below is the one we entered, but unfortunately, we didn’t end up getting featured. And I must say, after looking at some of the ones chosen, we totally got robbed! To get this shot, we had to keep running out in the street, and then run back to the side walk when cars would come. haha. It was risky, but we HAD to get a shot over the LA skyline.
Fun fact: All of the shots were obviously taken barefoot, and in all of the pictures above, I had a small piece of glass on the bottom of my right foot! I definitely felt it, but I figured it was just a little splinter. And I’m so used to dancing barefoot, that I’ve learned to ignore any type of pain on my feet while doing anything dance related, so every time I would jump off of the floor, I would use the side of my foot. hahahaha.



hayley larue