Instagram Diaries 004

Feb 15

Pink "Iriza" Louboutin's |
So Cody totally out did himself this Valentine’s Day. I woke up to the breakfast below, and to the gift above. He said I couldn’t be a fashion blogger if I didn’t have a pair of Louboutin’s. <3Valentine's Day Breakfast | BlondieintheCity.comGray & White Living Room Decor | White Tufted Sofa | Prada Canvas |
Little update to our living room. We added a light gray wall and 3 white walls… and I will soon be doing a decor post on the new apartment!Black & White Bedroom Decor | BlondieintheCity.comGiant Teddy Bear |
I may be a clean freak, but I still let this giant teddy bear that Cody got me 3 years ago for Valentine’s Day, lay around the apartment.Tea Room Decor |
Last week, I went to the baby shower for Cody’s sister in law, and it was the cutest thing! Love the idea of a tea party.
"I Am Not Always A Bitch" |
Got this ” I am not always a bitch” print from one of my friends for Christmas lol!Black and white bedroom decor | Red Maltipoo | BlondieintheCity.comGirly iPhone Cases |
Mine and my best friend Emily’s phone cases. She loves wine and I love champagne, so she’s on the right and I’m on the left.

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  1. The Trendique says:

    WOW! <3

    Your living room is the prettiest I've ever seen. Seriously!
    Love all the details, so classy and chic!


  2. Candice says:

    Oh wow gorgeous photos

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  3. Duchess of Fashion says:

    Wow props to your boyfriend! A pair of Loubs on Valentines day is every girls dream!

  4. Michèle says:

    oh that photo with the teddy is so so cute

  5. Eye See Euphoria says:

    Wow! Amazing Valentine’s Day. You have a beautiful living room and amazing husband. For your birthday recommended sunglasses from our boutique…hehe. Thanks for sharing and have an awesome week.

    Eye See Euphoria |

  6. Shannon Ashley says:

    LOVE THE SHOES!!!! I totally agree you needed a pair!


  7. Kathryn says:

    Congrats on your Louboutins! What an exciting present! Love this roundup.

    xx Kathryn

  8. xin says:

    Love all the photos, so amazing!!


  9. Destinee says:

    Such pretty shoes!

    XO, Destinee Nicole

  10. The Leach Life says:

    Love all these photos!

    LEACH |

  11. Cayli says:

    Gorgeous shoes!


  12. Kadi LV says:

    You’re very lucky ! And the pics are really stunning !


  13. Colleen K says:

    What an incredibly gorgeous living room! I thought I liked mine until now lol! Stunning pictures!


  14. Nicole Walker says:

    Hope you had an amazing Valentine’s day! You are one lucky girl, those Louboutin’s are gorgeous :)

    xoxo Nicole

  15. Sophie says:

    Lovely post, recently love this color style of yours <3

    Love from Best Bags 2016

  16. Jasmine K says:

    I am obsessed with these phone covers! Thanks for sharing

    – Jasmine K

  17. Canadian Girl says:

    Where are your sofas from?


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