My 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Gift Guide for the girl who loves neutrals | Christmas gifts | Neutral lifestyle

Gift Guide for The Girl who Loves Black

Gift Guide for The Girl who Loves Pink | Gift Guide

Gift Guide for The Bride | Christmas gifts | Bride Era

Gift Guide for the Beauty Queen | Skincare

Gift Guide for the astrology girl | Christmas gifts | libra energy | zodiac signs

Gift Guide for The Disney Lover

Gift Guide for The Baby

Gift Guide for The Toddler | Kid Kitchen set

Gift Guide for Your BFF

Gift Guide for The Girl who Loves Black

Gift Guide | Personalized Blankets

Gift Guide for Him

Gift Guide for The New Mom

Personalized Christmas gifts

Gift Guide under $25

Gift Guide under $50

My 2023 Christmas/Holiday Gift Guide is HERE! It's a little past midnight and I feel like I'm going cross-eyed at this point, because this gift guide took me so long to put together, lol.. BUT, I thoroughly enjoyed doing it. I started a few weeks ago, but the different types of guides were just never ending... and once I'd start to think I was almost done, I'd be like, "omg, gotta do an astrology girl one! ok, now one for new moms, because, duh." So you have a total of 17 guides to give you ideas of what to get each person on your list. This is probably the first year I'm actually getting my shopping done ahead of time, rather than 5 days before Christmas, and stressing about things making it in time. Seriously, December is so much more enjoyable when you get your Christmas shopping done early, and why not take advantage of all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals?!



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