My Two Types Of Curled Hair

Sep 15

One question I get a lot on here is about the curling iron I use. And it’s funny, because I tend to get that question on posts where I didn’t necessarily curl my hair for the pictures. It’s when my hair looks like it has a few big waves, or that I may have used a wide iron. So today, I’m going to explain the way I get my curls, and it’s super easy.
I curl my hair with the “Infiniti Pro” Iron by Conair. I’ve been using it for about seven years now, so I obviously love it. This iron has a clamp, but I DO NOT use the clamp to curl. Yes, I’ve heard of the wand, but I’ve never liked it because the width of the iron is usually smaller at the end, and it makes your hair look like a small little spiral. I just really like the width of mine, and how it’s the same width from top to bottom. I’m sure there are wands like that as well, but I’m still not a fan.
Anyway, after I curl, I don’t do anything else to it. So that’s all you do to achieve the curls in the top right picture. And to get curls like the top left picture, you just brush your curls out, but I normally wait to do that until after the first day, or if I do it that day, then I wait a few at least a few minutes after curling. I’m not sure if the brush I use makes a difference, but if it helps, I use a loop brush. I had extensions 4 years ago, so I had to use a specific brush, and since then, I’ve just continued to use it.
And there you have it!

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  1. jas says:

    i love playing with different types of waves and curles. i also like sleeping overnight with tight curls. the next day they look so much better!

    reckless abandon

  2. Oh my goodness, I do the same thing with my old Conair curling iron from like 10 years ago. I thought I was the only one because everyone’s all into the wand these days, but I stick with my curling iron for the same reason. The clamp doesn’t work so I use it like a wand then I run my fingers through it instead of a brush. I love both looks :)


  3. Your hair is incredible in everything. Love the lighting in your photos. x

  4. As simple as that…unbelievable!! Do you use hair spray? And how long does it take?
    xoxo Kirsten

  5. Mandy Huey says:

    You have the most beautiful curls! xo


  6. Lyndsay says:

    Your hair is gorgeous. I’m going to have to try using mine without the clamp tomorrow now.

    prosecco in the park


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