The Process Of Hair Extensions w/ Great Lengths

Jan 17

The Process Of Hair Extensions w/ Great Lengths | Blondie in the City
The Process Of Hair Extensions w/ Great Lengths | Blondie in the City
The Process Of Hair Extensions w/ Great Lengths | Blondie in the City
The Process Of Hair Extensions w/ Great Lengths | Blondie in the City

I've been getting extensions for almost a year now and I seriously don't think I will ever be able to stop! My hair has always been so annoyingly thin, so I initially got extensions put in because I wanted them in for my wedding. So I booked an appointment with my hairstylist, Chandler, who was also one of my bridesmaids (we've been friends since high school,) and now I'm hooked. Of the 4 different times I've had extensions put in, I've only ever used Great Lengths, because they are seriously the best in the biz.

I first put extensions in about 8 years ago when I completely chopped my hair in the beginning of college and I hated it. I was brunette back then! Anyway, I loved them, but after 4 months, it was time to take them out, and by then, my hair had grown a little longer, and I just continued to grow my hair after that. I was dancing a ton then, too, so it was just difficult for me to always be worrying about the extension hair care when I was training and going to auditions all the time. Now that I don't dance as my profession anymore, it's a different story. I can't live without them! Not only does it give you length, but also thickness! Now, at first, I was debating between getting the Tape-in extensions or the Bonds. I ended up going with the bonds, because I like to wear my hair up a lot, and it's a little more difficult to hide the extensions with the tape-ins. The bonds are more expensive, but they are seriously the best and totally worth it. As far as the thickness and fullness goes with extensions, it all depends on the amount of bundles you get, which I get 3 bundles. For length, I went with 14 inches the first time we put them in last year, and then went to 16 inches the past 2 times. 

I feel like a lot of people don't know that extensions are real hair, NOT fake! So you treat the extensions as basically your actual hair. You can dye it, wash it, curl it, straighten it, you name it. The hair matches so well, not only in color, but in texture, that I sometimes can't even pick apart what's actually mine and what's not... unless i go from the root where the bond is, lol. Anyway! I have a super quick YouTube video about the process of having the extensions put in and extension hair care tips at the end of it!

Extensions: c/o Great Lengths

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  1. Carmen says:

    Oh wow your hair looks simply amazing! I actually didn’t know how everything works with hair extensions – they looks great on you and super natural :)
    xx, Carmen –

  2. Meghan says:

    Your hair looks great and so natural! I love it.
    Meghan |

  3. Yachy Mares says:

    I’ve had bonds before and looooved it because it really does feel like your own hair! I personally tried the hot fusion extensions and I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT. Are yours the cold bonds or hot? I wanna try out the cold beads, I feel like you will get more use out of it than the hot ones. I lost so much hair because of them ):

  4. Leah says:

    Your blog is looking gorgeous hun! The content is amazing!!!
    Love the look and your hair is stunning! I cut my hair and I am missing the length so much!
    xx Leah

  5. Jessica says:

    The thickness is so nice!! and it’s great you can still wear it up

  6. McKenzie says:

    It looks extremely natural on you! And I honestly wouldn’t have known you’re wearing extensions. So beautiful! xo



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