The Two-In-One Iron That Curls And Straightens Your Hair

May 25

Blondie in the City | How To Use The TYME Iron | The All-In-One Iron That Curls AND Straightens Your Hair! | @tyme_style Blondie in the City | How To Use The TYME Iron | The All-In-One Iron That Curls AND Straightens Your Hair! | @tyme_style  Blondie in the City | How To Use The TYME Iron | The All-In-One Iron That Curls AND Straightens Your Hair! | @tyme_style
I feel like I always say this, BUT, if you follow on Snapchat (lol) then you’ve already heard me talk about this iron and how much I LOVED it after trying it. I also mentioned how I never talk about products on my blog that I don’t genuinely like. I have sent products/clothing back MULTIPLE times because I haven’t personally liked something, so anything I talk about on here, I truly do love. Which brings me back to this two in one iron that curls AND straightens your hair. Not only that, but the iron is called TYME for a reason. It literally does save you time. It takes a good 20 minutes for me to curl my hair with a curling iron (which I don’t even own anymore,) and it’s the most annoying process, ever, as we all know. With short hair, I actually always curl my hair with a straightener, and while it is a shorter process than using a curling iron, it still takes some time, and still doesn’t give me the curled result I want. If you notice, my hair usually never looks like this in any of my posts, because I’ve been using a straightener to curl my hair, which gives it more of a wave rather than curl, and it also doesn’t give me much volume. The TYME iron, as you can clearly see at the end of the video, gives me A TON of volume and also gives the perfect curl. Also, be sure to watch until the end, so you can see how to straightener! 

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Iron: c/o TYME   |   Lip Color: Trap by ColourPop

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  1. Tamara says:

    Your hair is goal!!


    Tamara –

  2. Destinee says:

    Love this! I have been searching for a good curling iron and flat iron forever so this is awesome because it’s both! Plus I just chopped all my hair off so finding new ways to style it has been a pain!

  3. Kim says:

    Great tutorial and review, I love seeing how the product actual works when trying to decide on making a purchase. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Jess @ Jess Explains It All says:

    I have been seeing the THYME Iron literally everywhere lately, and I’m really considering getting one. It’s a big investment, but it would also give me back like a half an hour each day (I have really thick and really long hair that takes an hour to curl – no joke). Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it!


  5. Violette says:

    Love your hair like this!! This iron looks super nice!

  6. Genevieve says:

    Very practical super good

  7. PrintingPedia says:


    very helpfull, thanks


  8. hanna says:

    Thanks for the video tutorial, very helpful –Hanna Lei

    Latest Post: Casual (but Cute!) Kimono Outfit Inspiration

  9. Lindsey Simon says:

    This iron seems great! Your hair looks ahh-mazing!

    Love, Lindsey

  10. BettyCook says:

    I love it, and i need it for my need


  11. Sophie says:

    OMG, i’ve been looking for this for soooo long

    Thanks so much, Best Bags 2016

  12. Ev says:

    Cool! ;)



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