Valentine’s Day Gifts For Her

Jan 25

Blondie in the City | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her
Blondie in the City | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Valentine's Day always approaches so quickly after Christmas and even after 25 years, it surprises me every time! One thing Cody and I have loved to do of Valentine's Day each year has been to open up some wine or champagne and watch a movie at our apartment after going out to dinner. As most of you know, we just moved to a new apartment, and also just got a new bar cart, so we've been stocking it up with some of our favorite things. (I just like picking out pretty bottles, and I usually get 2 of each so I can drink one and leave the other for decoration.) We went to Total Wine the other day and I HAD to get this pink champagne bottle to add to our bar cart!

Blondie in the City | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her
Blondie in the City | Valentine's Day Gift Ideas For Her

Last year, Cody woke me up with breakfast and gift of Pink Louboutin's! (Guys, take note, you can never go wrong with making a Valentine's Day breakfast.) Cody had found a recipe on Pinterest, and he kind of messed up the first batch, so he tried it a second time and got it right, which explains the two plates, haha. We're not quite sure what we will be doing this year, since we usually plan about 3 days before, lol, but I wanted to get a little ahead on this year's post of Valentine's Day gifts to give your guys enough time! So for all of my pink and girly lovers out there, I've linked up some of my favorite girly items for this coming Valentine's Day.

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  1. Katie says:

    Swoon! I would LOVE to wake up to pink louboutins! AND breakfast, of course!

    Katie | Willow and White

  2. Jessi Malay says:

    Aww these are all gifts I would love to receive! Those Valentino heels are everything! Have an amazing day hun :)

    XO Jessi,

  3. Layla says:

    Love this post – it’s so pretty and your photos are all absolutely gorgeous!! Agree at how quickly Valentine’s day seems to appear right after Christmas and New Year! :)

    Layla xx

  4. Love all the rose gold picks. I’ve been eyeing the morganite pear ring. Hope my bf gets the hint ;-) LOL.


  5. Jill says:

    Love the Fringe planner! Started using it this year and totally loving it! Great idea for a gift :)

    xx, Jill D Blog

  6. Brian says:

    Love all the Valentines pink items, especially the pink with red sole Louboutins. :))

  7. jennifer says:

    how do you get the linked pictures to appear like this on your post? I would love to know.

  8. sophie says:

    Love all those pinky picks <3 but the best is definitely those Louboutin <3

    xoxo, Sophie


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