We’re Selling Our Townhome!


You may have seen on my instagram over the weekend that we are selling our first home - our townhome. Naturally, I received a lot of "omg whyyyy?!" "Didn't you guys just move in?" "Already?!" messages. Totally valid questions, considering we really haven't been in this home for that long. I was having fun decorating, making changes, adding things, etc... We honestly thought we'd be in our townhome for 4-5 years, but here we are after almost 2 years - ready to get into our forever home. The day we started looking for a home, we did not AT ALL wake up that morning with it even being a thought. It kind of happened out of nowhere, really. Things just lined up and made sense for us to move forward with the process of searching for an actual HOME.

This place will always be special to us, of course. We waited almost an entire year for it to be finished and spent that year checking on the progress almost every day. We were soooo excited, and regardless of how long we've been in here for, it was a huge accomplishment for us that we will never forget.

You truly never know what each day has in store for you, which is pretty cool when you think about it. We're in a season of life where we are taking each day as it comes, without worry or stress. We've been focusing heavily on positivity and gratefulness. We know everything happens for a reason, and everything will work out just as it should. I remember when were looking to go from an apartment to purchasing a townhome, we were SO stressed out. I can't even count how many times I stress cried... and honestly, stressing just makes any situation worse and it will not at all change your outcome... so what's the point? Nothing is set in stone yet, but I'll keep you guys updated!



hayley larue