Where Hope Lies

Apr 7

Blondie in the City | "Where Hope Lies" Book by Hope Alcocer
Blondie in the City | "Where Hope Lies" Book by Hope Alcocer

Ok guys... Or, those who have been following since last year, at least... Remember when I was a personal/virtual assistant for someone in New York for a while? Her name is Hope Alcocer, and during the time I worked for her, she was working on the release of her book, and I helped out with graphic design, social media promotion ideas, and anything else under the sun that took a few weights off of her shoulders as she prepared for her books release. Because we were across the country from each other, in two different time zones, and my personal work life just ended up becoming too busy for me to continue working for Hope, I sadly had to say my goodbyes toward the end of last year. However, I am so thankful of the friendship we developed during our time working together and I AM SO THRILLED to say, her book "Where Hope Lies" is officially out!!! It is so exciting to see something she has been working on for so long, come to life.

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Blondie in the City | "Where Hope Lies" Book by Hope Alcocer

After college and before becoming a jeweler, I went through many jobs in the entertainment industry and had many bosses through the years. This includes professional dance jobs, interning jobs, PR jobs, and graphic design jobs. And, well, none of the people I worked for were as nice, awesome, or as relatable as Hope. Just before I began working for Hope, I had one of the worst experiences doing graphic design work for a client. Let's just say this client took complete and total advantage of me for two months, caused me many sleepless nights by giving me multiple projects to finish, to the point where I couldn't take on any other clients, all to NEVER pay me a penny. It was a nightmare, and I cried about it for days. This lady had two daughters of her own, and she didn't once think "hmmm, what if someone did this to my kids?" Once that subsided, God was like "Hayley, meet Hope, and you're welcome." My faith in people was restored, and now, here we are!

Ok, now I'll actually get to the important part... I think the last book I read was Dear John by Nicholas Sparks (one of my favorites,) which I read 7 years ago. *Insert laughing emoji here.* Not because I don't like to read, but I am just always working on SOMETHING now-a-days, so picking up a book to read is like the last thing that ever comes to mind, if at all. But the second I got Hope's book in the mail, I was like jumping up and down in my apartment mail room like an idiot, and then went up to my apartment and started reading. I have picked up many books within the last few years, gone through a few chapters, would go back to whatever I was doing before that, and have never picked up the book again. But this book?? I couldn't put it down! And before I knew it, I was half way done with the book. Seriously, when I tell you this hasn't happened in 7 years, I'm dead serious. I personally LOVE books that are written in first person (which Dear John was, as well,) and bless Hope's should for writing her book in first person. I feel more emotionally invested in a book told in that point of view versus anything else. It's almost like you're able to feel what the main character feels through out the whole book. I love a book that can make me feel something, and Hope's did exactly that.

The way the book begins makes you want to finish the whole book in one day because you're literally like, "why are you crying in your wedding dress on your wedding day, though?!" "Did he get cold feet?" "Where is he?!" "What happened?!" "And which guy is it going to end up being the one who did this to you on your wedding day?!" Yes, all of those questions right at the beginning, which makes this book a major page turner. I couldn't put it down!

Also, when is the last time I wrote this much in a blog post? haha

Blondie in the City | "Where Hope Lies" Book by Hope Alcocer
Blondie in the City | "Where Hope Lies" Book by Hope Alcocer

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  1. Krissy says:

    I’ve heard this is SO good – can’t wait to read it!

    xx krissy

  2. Rachael Dickinson says:

    This sounds like an amazing book! Will definitely have to check it out!!

    Rachael xox

  3. Jessi Malay says:

    It definitely sounds like you played an integral part in creating something amazing! Thanks so much for sharing babe :)

    XO Jessi,

  4. Love the color of that sweater! So seafoamy!

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  5. Pam says:

    Cute! Sounds like I need to buy and read it for myself haha!
    Have a lovely weekend ♥


  6. linnie says:

    Sounds like a good book to spend your weekend <3


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