3 Men’s Hygiene Products I Use Religiously

Aug 30

3 Men's Hygiene Products I Use Religiously | Realness | Blondie in the City by Hayley Larue

That's right. I love me some good men's products. I've talked about this a few times on Instagram, and a reader actually suggested that I do a blog post about it, and I was like... ok, wow. That's a WONDERFUL idea. And here we are.

Number one: MEN'S OLD SPICE DEODORANT. (never the gel version, though.) I started using Old Spice about 8 years ago, when I started dating Cody, and I never looked back. Always being at his apartment, I just started using all of his stuff. This was also around the time when I was still dancing all the time, going from audition to audition, and I swear I had to reapply SO much less with men's deodorant than I would with women's. Girls sweat too, okay, women's deodorant makers!! Before you get on me about natural deodorant... gave it a chance, and just wasn't a fan. Like, at all. I love my old spice. PLUS, get excited, natural deodorant fans, because Old Spice is, in fact ALUMINUM FREE.

Second: MEN'S NOSE HAIR TRIMMER. If you haven't read about how I trim my nose hears, you must. And if you DON'T trim your nose hairs, you almost must. I first trimmed my nose hairs in 2011 before going to West Africa, where I would be for 10 days. Total game changer, which you can read about in that post. Not too long ago, I bought a cute pink nose hair trimmer that I knew sucked, (which I mentioned in the original post, but it still go the job done... to an extent.) Like month later, it just stopped working, and I was like fuck it, I'll get another men's one, even if it's not cute. Sure enough, it was MUCH better. Like, a whole world of a difference, and you need it.

Third: A MEN'S RAZOR. Also started using because of Cody. It was just easier for me to use one of his extra ones each time I'd stay at his place when we were in college, and thennnnnn, I converted. Right now, I use the Gillette Pro-Glider Razor that vibrates. Oh, have I told you I shave my face? Yep, and this razor is great for it. (Don't worry, blog post coming on that soon. But moral of the story, a full on peach fuzz free face makes my makeup look phenom.) Whenever I go to my mom and dad's house, I have a women's razor there, and it just flat out sucks. I swear, men's products for the nitty gritty stuff is just SO. MUCH. BETTER.

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  1. Priya says:

    Honestly!! Love this post! I have to agree that women’s products, especially deodorant and razors, are nothing in comparison to the men’s version of the EXACT SAME THING! I’ve been using men’s razors for the last year and I’ve loved them so much more than female razors, and have to agree with you on natural deodorants; they just don’t do it for me. I love the scent of Old Spice though, so this post may have just sold me x

  2. Sarah says:

    Mens razors are just superior to women’s and I don’t care who disagrees! I will never switch back to a woman’s razor. Mens have more blades, so you get a closer shave, and they’re cheaper than women’s!



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