Are You Wearing SPF Underneath Your Makeup?

Jun 1

Best Sunscreen To Wear Under Makeup | Skincare | Glow Recipe
Best Sunscreen To Wear Under Makeup | Skincare | Glow Recipe

If there is one thing I could hit the rest button on, it would be my excessive tanning days where I wouldn't put sunscreen on my face. (yeah, tell me about it.) I was so obsessed with looking tan all the time, and since I tanned easily, I was always like - "I don't need sunscreen"  - If I burned, I'd be like, "At least it'll turn into a tan." Which then lead to hyperpigmentation/dark spots on my face. I spent years trying different methods to reduce the look of them, and literally NOTHING worked... until I came across a Pinterest Ad and discovered Musely. I wrote about my experience/results here. It was seriously a miracle worker and I still use it. I normally use it at night and then I put my Summer Fridays on as a moisturizer on top. (Musely will dry your skin out when you first start using it.) Summer Fridays has never let me down and I'm pretty sure I'm on tube like... 27.

Once I finally came to the realization that the health of my SKIN was more important that a tan from the damn sun, it all made me wonder how my skin would look had I cared from the very beginning. When I want a healthy tan? I use Lux Unfiltered.

Now as for SPF:
I struggled to find a sunscreen to wear underneath my makeup. I don't necessarily like sunscreen being on my face because I feel like it's greasy, but obviously, it's a necessity. What's the point of using a cream to get rid of sun spots if I'm not going to go through the day trying to prevent more from forming? lol. I'd cycle through different ones, never loving anything, until I tried one by Glow Recipe. I have always loved their products, but also being that the packaging of this one is so cute and it's pink... I mean, obviously I was more inclined to order it. And the verdict? I love it. It also has a subtle watermelon scent, which I definitely don't mind. Kind of takes away from the overwhelming sunscreen smell. It doesn't feel greasy at all and it works great with my foundation/makeup routine.

SPF: Glow Recipe  |  Dark Spot Removal Cream: Musely  |  Moisturizer: Summer Fridays  |  Tanning Serum: Lux Unfiltered

"Invest in your skin. You'll be wearing it for the rest of your life."

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