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Jun 7

Pregnancy Announcement at Home | Hayley Larue | Pregnant
Pregnancy Announcement at Home | Hayley Larue | Pregnant

I'm pregnant! I was a little MIA on Instagram for a bit, just posting here and there because I was so sick and could not get myself to create any content. I also felt like I couldn't be "real" since I was waiting to announce this lol. I'm still relatively early (9 weeks,) but I couldn't hold it in any longer. We are due January 9th 2023 and we're so excited!

Day we found out: On May 6th, I was running down the stairs because I was late for work and I was like "OMG my boobs hurt so bad... I have to be starting my period soon." Daniel goes, "maybe there's a baby in there," and I just laughed. Later on in the day, I got home and we were getting ready to go visit Daniel's dad up in Lake Arrowhead. Daniel went to my mom and dad's to drop Meela off as I was packing - I thought "should I pack tampons? when the hell am I going to start my period?" I looked at the calendar and was like. ummmmmm, ok should have been a few weeks ago, lol. So I take a test and those two lines showed up REAL QUICK. I stared at it in shock and instantly sent the pic to my best friend, Austin. (Man of Honor at my wedding.) He calls me freaking out and tells me to take a second test and I was like "I JUST PEE'D!!" I was trying to do this before Daniel got home - My parent's house isn't that far from ours, so I looked on Find My Friends and saw that Daniel was on his way back, (9 minutes away, to be exact,) so I start FREAKING OUT, running around trying to find the shirt I bought for him a while back that said, "Be Nice To Me, My Wife's Pregnant, all while chugging down another water bottle in order to pee again. Took another test, and it confirmed I was definitely pregnant. I ran downstairs to set my phone up to catch his reaction and I literally set my phone in place RIGHT when the garage opened. (I also just typed this so fast because I was in the same headspace as that day just thinking about it and I am literally out of breath, lol.) All that to say, you can watch his reaction here.

Things I hate right now: Daniel's cologne, coffee, oatmeal, and pasta.
Things I miss: A sunny side up egg on my avocado toast and a poached egg on eggs benedict *tears*
Random things I'm craving: Diet Coke, Raising Cane's, Cold Stone, and Acai Bowls.

I'm really hoping the nausea subsides by the second trimester because I am dyyyyying. I can't even finish a full day at work because I'm constantly running to the bathroom to throw up.  I'll eat something and feel great, then the baby is like nope, get it OUT. lol. I was taking the B-6 vitamins, but they didn't help much. Tried all the pregnancy pops, didn't help. So my doctor prescribed me some medication, which a ton of you on Instagram recommended I asked about as well. Daniel juuuust picked it up for me like 5 minutes ago, so fingers crossed that it helps. That along with feeling more tired than I ever have in my life... I mean, wow, it's a lot, lol. All in all, I'm excited to share this pregnancy journey with you guys and transition into some new content!

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  1. Janette Rivera says:

    I am soooo happy and excited for the four of you!!! (Four including Meela 😁) you’re going to be a greatttt mom and you’re going to love this journey! I know the sickness suckssss assss trust me, I’ve had four and my last pregnancy was thee absolute WORST!!!! My daughter wouldn’t let me eat anything!!! All I wanted was ice cold water and I never drink ice cold water, so this is how I knew it was a girl. Also I legit put ALLLLLLLL of my husbands cologne away (I just allowed him to start wearing cologne again like three months ago lmao) not because I felt bad but because my body was notttt having it! I ate açaí bowls throughout my entire pregnancy but I also eat them like every other day lol and I cravedddddd Dr.Pepper (funny thing my mom craved Dr.Pepper pregnant with me) That’s when the second you’re for sure pregnant with a girl hit me because I don’t drink soda, let alone Dr.Pepper anddd lastly I couldn’t eat steak 😭 my daughter legit took away my life when that happened. If you need anyyy tips or tricks I got you girl!!!

  2. Geraldine Bryan says:

    So.happy!!!! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Amanda Sekulic says:

    Soooo happy!! Still waiting for the TikTok post. Miss you two + Meela on there 🤣


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