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Aug 17

Baby Skincare | Vegan skincare | Roe Wellness

That's right, it's time to begin teaching your baby the importance of skincare. lol. Really though, their skin is so thin and it's important to begin taking care of it once they're born. I first came across Roe Wellness on Instagram and their packaging is what initially caught my eye. (the marketing nerd in me was really excited over the branding.) Naturally, I went to their site, because the products were just too pretty, I needed to see more.... and then two products were ordered, lol. Before I get into the ones I use for Charlie, I love that this entire line was created by a mom. Her name is Alexa and she's a pediatric nurse practitioner. She struggled to find baby skincare products that wouldn't irritate her baby's skin, so she created her own baby skincare products with gentle ingredients. (pretty bad ass, if you ask me.)

high quality, clean, & vegan.

The two products from Roe Wellness I've been using (& love,) are the Calming Baby Oil and the Biome Barrier Cream.
Earlier on, I'd use the oil on Charlie's stomach if she had gas, and I'd use the cream if she had any little red bumps. (She'd occasionally get them on her face.) Now I mix both the oil and the cream as her moisturizer under her diaper. Aka.. no diaper rash over here! You can easily make the products work for you to combat more than one issue.

I just ordered the Mineral Sunscreen, which I'm excited about, because it's non-greasy and non-whitening. The last time we put sunscreen on Charlie before getting in the pool, I swore the greasiness of it lingered for days, lol.

"The very outside layer of your skin, also known as the skin barrier, prevents irritants from penetrating to deep layers of your skin. This layer of your skin's scientific name is the acid mantle. The acid mantle develops as you age, and we aren't born with it.¹ Without a skin barrier, your newborn is more vulnerable to environmental irritants than you are. After birth until the age of two, a baby's skin cannot absorb a balanced amount of moisture for skin cells to function. Stem cells are frail for all humans until the age of two and renew themselves all of a person's life." - roe wellness


Calming Baby Oil  |  Biome Barrier Cream

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  1. Yes babies skin are very sensitive and so important to take care of! Will check this brand out.


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