The Art of Growing Your Brand On Instagram

Aug 1

After working in the social media and marketing industry for over a decade, I have finally come out with my first e-book! It has been a long-standing desire of mine, but I had no idea where to begin. Nonetheless, I knew that I had valuable knowledge to share. It always seemed like such a daunting task, so I just kept putting it off and just telling myself it would be something I'd do... eventually. It wasn't until my time freed up after having Charlie, because I wasn't at my job full time anymore. During Charlie's naps, I made it a personal goal to start and publish this e-book. Although it still took me months to write and compile, the process would have taken even longer if it weren't for Daniel. After asking for his advice on certain pages, and help on structuring it...he came home one day and was like, "you're publishing your e-book tonight, let's go." That night, we spent 7 hours editing and restructuring once we put Charlie down for bed.

I cannot thank my husband enough. Without him, this accomplishment would not have been possible. He is the freaking best editor, and I think he missed his calling, lol. I am so happy with the final result of the e-book and want to express my sincerest gratitude to those who have already made a purchase. Your support throughout the years on this platform has meant so much to me. So for anyone who is either just starting out on Instagram to begin growing their brand, or has felt like they don't know what else to do to grow, this book is for you! Advertising your brand or business on instagram is honestly one of the best decisions you can make for your business, and if you don't utilize it, you are missing out on a massive audience.

You can either download the free kindle app on your phone for the amazon version or purchase the PDF version.

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