Best Crepes in LA: Crave Cafe


I have been on the hunt for the best crepes in LA for a while now, because I’m obsessed with them, and   I have finally found the place. When Cody lived in San Diego/La Jolla, he had taken me to a place called Krafty Krepes as a surprise one day, and those were the BEST crepes I ever had. After that day, I made sure I went every weekend I was down there. Now that we’re both in LA, I made it a mission to find my new favorite crepe place out here. Four places later, Crave Cafe has come in an easy first.
I mean look at this beauty: peanut butter, nutella, strawberries, and bananas.

You can find Crave in Sherman Oaks (which is pictured above,) or in Studio City. They have a lot of other things than just crepes, too. As I was standing in line to order, my head just kept turning as the workers were bringing different plates to each table. Everything looks SO GOOD!



hayley larue