Valentine’s Day 2014.

Feb 15

We had a warm one over here in So Cal this year, which worked out in my favor, because I was planning on wearing somewhat of a Summer dress. lol. I had been counting down the days to Valentine’s Day, and now I can’t believe it’s already over! :( I know some people have a negative view towards this day, like “love should be expressed everyday, not just on Valentine’s Day.” But with how busy everyone gets as they get older, I think this day is important for a lot of people. 

The night before, I had set my alarm for 8 am (ew, I know) so I could make Cody breakfast. And no, I didn’t actually MAKE those waffles, I just put Eggos in the toaster and used a heart cookie cutter. haha. But I did cut the strawberry hearts, which was not as simple as I thought it would be. And on the right are cranberry mimosas in mason jars!

Yes, Cody and I did in fact get each other the same Valentine’s Day card. hahahahahaha.

Then in the afternoon, Cody had made an appointment for us to go to Color Me Mine!!! The last time I had gone was for my 9th Birthday, so I had been telling Cody for months that I wanted to go again. And I totally forgot how fun it was to paint. (When I was like 5 or 6, I used to say I wanted to be a painter lol.) Unfortunately, though, what we made won’t be ready until Tuesday, so I can’t show you our finished products until then. :(

Now on to the gifts:
To say Cody did good is an understatement. I have an obsession with Teddy Bears, like I actually sleep with one. I had also been wanting the life sized Teddy Bear, so the fact that it was here waiting for me today was the best thing ever. (You can find your Teddy here!)

 “No Valentine’s Day is complete without chocolate & jewelry” – Cody’s words, not mine!
Then at night, we went to dinner, of course, and then went to go see the new movie “Endless Love.”It was a really good movie, with some typical cheezy parts, but overall, we both enjoyed it.
For anyone who knows Cody and I, then you know we are obsessed with P.F. Changs. (It’s where he first asked me to be his girlfriend, which was also my first time eating there, and we’ve been addicted ever since.) So after the movie, since P.F. Changs was right across the street, we got our favorite appetizer to-go. I HATE vegetables, and HATE green beans, but about a year ago, Cody made me try the crispy fried green beans, and now it’s literally all I crave every single day…. mainly because it’s fried and I can’t taste the green beans, lol, but it’s the sauce that comes with that makes it SO good.
So that was our Valentine’s Day! Cody gets every other Friday off of work, and this just so happened to be his off Friday, so we were able to celebrate all day. :D
Hope everyone had a good one! :)

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