Bride To Be – Amazon Edition

Oct 15

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It's time for me to be annoying with bridal posts! Also decided I'm going to start doing more "Amazon finds" that are focused on certain "themes," So today, we're going with the Bride To Be theme. Amazon is open on my computer pretty much 24/7, because I find something I "need" everyday... (I know I'm not the only one, lol.) And I have wayyyyy too many things I've found on there that I need to share. Amazon Posts coming up: Amazon Fashion, Things You Didn't Know You Needed, For The Home, Fall Favorites, etc. But in the mean time, you can shop my current lists here.

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  1. Elizabeth Walker says:

    The colors of these items are so cute!
    Review Belt For Man And Women

  2. Gata Collins says:

    Looking at these inscriptions makes me laugh so hard! Too cute to handle!
    All About Gloves


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