Embarrassingly enough, this is my third post about food in a row. But I can’t help it when I keep finding new places! 

EAT is right next to Republic of Pie in NoHo, so you can get a little dessert fix right after lunch. I had been saying I wanted to eat here for a while, because it’s walking distance from my apartment, so we finally decided to go yesterday… and we are so glad we did! This menu will definitely have you stumped because there are SO many tempting options. I couldn’t decide, so I got a grilled cheese, sweet potato fries (I get them everywhere,) and one oreo pancake. Yes, you read that correctly. OREO FREAKING PANCAKE. The pancakes are huge, so they actually give you the option to get one as a side, and ugh, it was so good. Cody went with the special for the day, which was the NoHo Cheesesteak, and he loved it.
Here’s the Oreo Pancake, where they actually use an Oreo batter to make it… not just a regular pancake with Oreos on top!
We also brought Meela along with us since she’s had an intense 2 1/2 weeks of potty training, and she needed a little break. The workers here LOVED her, and she was so good! Look at her sit like a good little girl :)
Anyway, I definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for something that will satisfy every craving… because whatever you’re looking for, they’ll have it!



hayley larue