Off Vine Restaurant

Feb 9

For the past few weeks, Cody had been craving a chocolate soufflé for some odd reason. So we went on a soufflé hunt yesterday, and found the cutest place ever!  It’s a hidden little house in Hollywood off of Vine street (hence the name,) literally right next to the Nickelodeon studio lot, which is pretty neat.
This place is literally a hidden gem! I never would have come across this place just by driving around. I have passed it plenty of times before, without even noticing. It’s right behind the busy street, Sunset Blvd. in a neighborhood. Cody and I definitely weren’t aware of the fancy attire, considering we came in our comfortable clothes, and everyone else was in dresses and heels. oops. But all we came for was the soufflé, anyway… not the fancy dinner.
As we sat and waited 45 minutes for the soufflé to be made (yes, it really takes that long, anywhere you go,) I couldn’t stop saying how cute the place was… and then began to wonder the history of the house. Naturally, I got my phone out and looked it up. – The house was 100 years old and then one day became a restaurant in 1989. But in 2008, the restaurant actually caught on fire and reopened again in 2010.
And yes! The soufflé was great! They made a half chocolate half raspberry one for us, so we could get the best of both worlds, and it was so worth the wait. My picture of the finished product sucked because by the time it came out, it was dark. :( So I found a prettier one for you:
P.S. this would be great place to book for Valentine’s Day if you’re still looking! :)

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