Republic of Pie


I go crazy over cute little places, like cafes, coffee shops, cookie shops, etc. 
So here I present to you: Republic of Pie –

Republic of Pie is located in the Arts District of North Hollywood, and by the title, I’m sure you can guess the main item on their menu…. Sandwiches! I’m kidding. PIE, of course! But they also have a variety of other things. You can get oatmeal, pancakes, french toast, you can pick from like 50 different teas, coffee, and more. My favorite thing on their menu is for sure their coffee, and I’m picky when it comes to coffee. (Just ask Cody.)

The two main things I really love about this place:
1. The lounge-y feel you get when you walk in. You’ll find normal chairs with a high top table, and then there are the couches and love seats. They even have a bookshelf filled with books for those of you who want to read when you’re there.
2. In the Arts District, you are going to find some form of entertainment wherever you go, so every night, starting around 6, you can listen to live music while you enjoy your pie! 



hayley larue