Dec 10

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So I know my hair is short, but with blonde hair, and the constant bleaching, I do what I can to keep growing in a healthy way. Especially with the fact that so much hair comes out when I brush it after a shower, I need to keep it growing! haha. I first used to use Biotin, which I had heard about from multiple people, including my hairdresser. However, now I use Hairburst, which actually has Biotin in it, plus more. Because it includes more, it is a larger pill, and I swear I have the hardest time taking pills lol. But these are manageable! You can read all about how it works here, and it you are looking to grow your hair out, this is great way to do that, too!

Hairburst: c/o Hairburst   |   Sweater: Chicwish (free shipping!)

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  1. Duchess of Fashion says:

    Your hair is gorgeous Hayley!

  2. Erica says:

    Loving this blue sweater!

    xo | The Fashion Forecast

  3. TatumRiley says:

    Your hair looks stunning and healthy. I don’t even dye my hair often, yet it’s so paper thin… definitely need to try this!

    Kisses and good karma,
    Tatum | AbstractAphrodite

  4. Mary María says:

    I love it! Have a cool day, dear!
    Follow each other? Let me know! ;)
    Red dress & apricot coat by Romwe on my last post HERE!

    •♥• Mary María Style •♥•

  5. Adela Acanski says:

    You have a beautiful hair!Love it

    kisses Adela Acanski

  6. Miss Pippi says:

    Your hair looks gorgeous! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!

  7. ~ carmen ~ says:

    Nice! Can’t go wrong with happy, healthy hair. :]

    // ▲ ▲

  8. Ting says:

    Love your hair, so pretty! x

  9. Joanna says:

    You look amazing as always

  10. Lucy says:

    You look amazing! Love your dress:

  11. Alexia says:

    Wow, that dress is gorgeous and you rock it !!


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