The 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs

Dec 12

Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl NeedsBlondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs Blondie in the City | The Top 8 iPhone Apps Every Social Girl Needs

1. Unum is perfect for any blogger or anyone who uses Instagram for their business. This app shows your your Instagram statistics, such as your best posting times on each day, your top posts, hashtags that have given you the most engagement, your follower growth, etc. You can also plan out your instagram feed to so that everything flows really nicely. There have been times I’ve posted a photo, and once I look at my feed, I HATE how it looks with the current photos next to it… Or when I couldn’t decide on a filter, and I post it, and then wish I had used the other filter.

2. RewardStyle is used by many fashion bloggers, and it’s seriously SO helpful when trying to plan out your posts. I work as a jeweler most of the week and some weekends, and even when I’m working, I still need to post at my specific posting times… so the night before, I’ll get my post ready, my reward style links, including the caption, and when it comes time to post the next day, I just go straight to the app, click “publish,” and it takes me directly to instagram with the post and caption ready to go. I used to spend like 30 minutes doing this, trying to set up my rewardstyle items and thinking of the caption, and I would either miss my best posting time, or i’d just run out of time and would have to go somewhere. I never utilized the app the best that I could until just a few months ago, and it has made posting on instagram a lot less annoying/stressful lol.

3. The Knot is my go-to wedding planning app! Cody and I are getting married on September 9th next year, and so much of the planning has already been done… Or at least all of the booking. The app has a checklist of what needs to be done each month, and you can check those things off to see what you have left to do. It also has a little countdown of the days left until your wedding! The app helped me find my videographer, as well! They have so many option to look through for absolutely everything. Photographers, videographers, venues, florists, you name it. So if you have no idea where to start with your wedding planning, The Knot is AMAZING!

4. Flo might be TMI, but as you may have guessed, it’s a period tracker. TMI again, (just keeping it real with you guys, haha,) but I got off of birth control about 5 months ago, because it was making me a raging bitch, so I didn’t really have something to let me know of my new cycle, so this app has been so helpful!

5. Postmates is my life saver/obsession when Cody is out of town. When I’m home by myself, I’m such a homebody and don’t want to go anywhere, so I swear I order the Chicken Tequila Lime Pasta from CPK multiple times a week from it.

6. Starbucks may sound like an obvious one, but I didn’t start using the mobile order part of it until I started working as a jeweler. I’m on my feet for 8 hours when I work, (like, I literally do not sit,) so if I don’t have coffee, I’m a goner. I also cut it too close usually from taking forever to get ready, so if I didn’t have the option to do the mobile order, I literally would never have time to get coffee. I don’t know how it took me so long to start using it!

7. PicTapGo is one of my favorite photo filter apps on the iPhone. I’ve had it for about 4 years now, and it still stands as my favorite one! If you end up downloading this one, I love to use the “crispity” filter.

8. Asana is perfect for anyone looking to stay on track with multiple tasks. It notifies you when you have a task coming up that you haven’t finished yet, if you are late on a task, and all of the above. You can check each task off of your list once you complete it, and it goes away, or you can make a task a weekly one, so it will go away when you complete it, but show back up when it’s time to start working on it again. It connects to your gmail account, so it’s a super easy sign up, and you can add your google calendar to it!

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  1. Destinee says:

    I definitely have to check a couple of these apps out! I always enjoy your blogging tips. Thanks for sharing!

    XO, Destinee Nicole

  2. Brittany says:

    I use most of these and they are all amazing!!! Unum is pretty much my go to for all things blogging :)

    Brittany :)

  3. Most of these are available for us Android users. Thanks for this post because as a newbie blogger, I’d never even heard of Unum!!!! Thnx!!!

  4. How exciting about your wedding- I definitely had the knot app for planning and it was helpful and fun to have that countdown to check!

    C’s Collection |

    • Hayley Larue says:

      The countdown is definitely my favorite part of it! I sometimes forget to check the count down, so it’s always fun going back in to see where it’s at!

  5. Jennifer says:

    I just downloaded unum I had snug I’m not too sure if they’re the same.

    • Hayley Larue says:

      Oh! I totally want to check out snug. I tried Planoly before switching to Unum, but didn’t like how you had to pay for Planoly. lol

  6. Great picks! Unum and pic tap go are my must haves! I also need to download that asna app!


  7. Clarissa says:

    There are so many here that I need to check out! We just started using Asana at work, and it has been a GAME CHANGER for the office!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  8. Mel says:

    Thanks for sharing a few of your favorite apps! Rewardstyle and Starbucks are among some of mine as well :)

  9. Abby says:

    Are you designing jewelry or working in a store? I’m just curious. I’ve fallen behind on reading all the blogs I follow, so if you covered this in a previous post, I’m sorry!!! Either way, it sounds fun!

    • Hayley Larue says:

      Designing and working! Get to design engagement rings and help guys find or create the perfect one for their future fiancé! I’m obsessed with it all! <3

  10. Estrella says:

    Loving those app suggestions. I currently also have and use the unum app. But I think I heard you have to pay now to get the advantages of it, such as user engagement and when to post, etc. is that true? Also, I wonder if they have postmates here in Italy where i currently live, lol probably not. Asana would be a good one as well since I’m constantly overlooking tasks.

  11. sophie says:

    This is very useful, i’m using Asana and just in love with it <3

    xoxo, Best Wallets for Women and Men 2017


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