Bride Guide: Morning of the Wedding

Sep 25

Bride Guide: Morning of the Wedding | Bride To Be | Hayley Larue

It has officially been two weeks since Daniel and I got married! I cannot wait to show you guys all of the photos and our wedding video. It was such a perfect day and we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. I also have tons of honeymoon content to share with you guys. But for now, let's talk about the morning of the wedding day for all of my future brides. The pieces above are exactly what I had for my wedding morning.

1. The Robe: this robe was so beautiful! It was different from most of what I had found online - I fell in love with it the second I came across it. Shipping was also super quick! And yes, it does come with the little white dress to wear underneath.

2. The Phone Case: I actually have the light pink one, but felt like the white one would be better for a wedding day, so that's what I went with here. My bridesmaid shana has the white one and we joked about switching for the day, haha.

3. The Slippers: My slippers said "bride," of course, and they were so, so soft! Got them for my bridesmaids and flower girl as well. Everyone loved them.

4. The Vow Books: Are these not the most beautiful vow books you've ever seen?! I had already purchased some, but then saw these, and had to get them as well. They were perfect. I did ask for slightly short ribbon on mine, though.

5. The Wedding Day Candle: HOW CUTE, RIGHT? I'm super picky about candle scents, because of my allergies, and this one was just perfect. Not too floral at all. It was such a cute little touch to the day.

6. The Perfume: I wore "Her" by Burberry. I got it just a few days before and was obsessed the second the lady at the store had me try it. Again, not too floral. It has some floral, but also a fruity scent to it. I'm obsessed - definitely a new favorite.

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