My Love/Hate Relationship With BOTOX

Aug 14

Finally! A post on botox. I'm all about botox, BUT, I do always end up having a weird outcome for the first month, and you'll have to watch for it to make sense. Also note that I've gone to a different place each time, and all 3 times, I've had the same outcome lol. I really do just have a weird eyebrow thing going on, which, again, won't make sense until you hear me explain it. Anyway, hope you enjoy!

If you're not into Botox, one really great way to reduce fine lines is by Micro-Needling. I wrote up a whole post on this a while back and this is a tool I still use! I've also listed some products below from Sephora that help with Fine Lines and Wrinkles.

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  1. jordyn says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your experience Haley! I love that you share the pros and cons, it’s so helpful

  2. Ewa Macherowska says:

    Great vlog dear! :)

  3. Lisa Autumn says:

    This was so helpful and interesting! Thank you babe!

    x Lisa |

  4. Demi Bang says:

    Love this! Been thinking about getting botox.

    Demi |

  5. Jen phillian says:

    Love that you keep it real


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